Curbing FAQ’s

Curbing is typically priced by the linear foot and varies depending on the style of curbing your interested in. To get an accurate price it is recommended you personally talk to a salesman or get a free estimate.

In most cases curbing will last 15-20 years depending on ground movement. You can experience some cracking over the period of many years but it will stay in place unless it is physically moved. Tree roots can have a big factor in cracking and moving the curbing.

Yes! We are a satisfaction guaranteed company and provide a one year warranty on cracking or crumbling due to materials or workmanship.

In most cases very little. Make sure the ground is to the grade you would prefer your sod to be laid on. Flag your sprinkler heads where the curbing will be installed. Be sure the sprinkler system is turned off (Ground cannot be muddy). In most cases it is more work for us if you cut the existing grass. Please clean up any dog poop in the yard.

It mostly depends on the temperature but usually around 6-8 hours. It is highly recommended to keep your sprinkler system off for 24-48 hours.

The curbing will be hard to the touch in 24 hours and can be worked around with extreme caution. The curbing will be brittle for 1-2 weeks. No foot traffic including kids and animals during the first 24 hours.

Sealer is very important for the curing process to provide the highest psi results as well as the overall quality of the curbing. Sealer is highly recommended! Temperature plays a role in sealing concrete.

Simply experience and customer service! We strive to make you happy and we do that by providing the best product that will last the longest and simply communicate with you through the whole process.

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